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Eight Excellent Reasons Why Your Cast Needs A Supersleeves Cast Protector

A broken bone is a painful, depressing and distressing experience. It is deeply restrictive and can stop you doing almost everything you enjoy, as well as this you often have to wear a big bulky cast to protect your broken bone which is uncomfortable, cumbersome and downright irritating. While we can’t magic away the cast, we can make it much more friendly, fun and fabulous.
At Supersleeves we have designed an array of cool arm cast covers that serve as useful arm cast protector as well as being highly fashionable and stylish. We offer cast covers that are discreet for those who want to cover up the injury to designs that are fun and playful so that your cast is transformed into a stylish fashion accessory.
We know broken bones can affect anyone at any age and funky cast covers are not just restricted to kids. We offer an extensive selection of styles to suit men, women and children for absolutely every age, every style preference and every need. All of our Supersleeves come in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your plain and boring cast.
For all cast wearers, the endless weeks of cast wearing doesn’t need to be dull, here are our top eight reasons why your broken bone needs a stylish cast cover.

1. Keep It Clean
Anyone that has had a cast before, or knows some who has, understands how dirty and scruffy they can get. After all, a cast is worn day in, day out it is bound to get dirty. With Supersleeves cast covers, they fit snugly around your cast to keep out the dirt and grime and can be washed and dried very easily. Don’t worry they’ll still retain their original shape after washing and will remain as snug fitting as the first wear. Our black spot cover is great at hiding the dirt while still being ideal for a monochrome outfit.

2. Stop The Snag
Unfortunately, casts can be brittle and are not always a smooth surface. Little chinks in the cast can cause snagging of clothes which mean your lovely outfits may be at risk of getting a hole, tear or ladder just by moving your arm. There are so many designs of sleeves that can complement your outfit, such as stylish Cheetah print so you can accessorise and not worry about damaging your clothes again.

3. Sleep Well
As well as catching on clothes, casts can create friction in bed which can wake you up and make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Our cool and functional cast covers are ultra-soft and super comfortable so that you can have a restful night’s sleep. Bedtime is the perfect place to choose a dazzling and bold print, match your adventurous dreams with our Superhero Blue cast cover or Scientific Explosive Brains for all those crazy imaginative dreams.

4. Step Out In Style
Broken bones always come at the worst possible time, usually before a big occasion, where you’ve already chosen your perfect outfit. A cast cover can make sure that your outfit still looks fantastic by matching it and transforming your arm cast into a fashion accessory that goes with your look. Our sequin range is ideal for special occasions as they will shine and sparkle when they catch the light and are guaranteed to work with your outfit. Our sparkly sequin covers come in black, white, red or blue. If ever you think of a great new cover that you would like, let us know your design idea by email at hello@supersleeves.co.uk.

5. Prevent Upholstery Damage
Casts not only damage clothing, but they also snag sofas, furnishing and upholstery too. Our sleek cast protectors help to avoid this damage to your beloved furniture and ensure your friends invite you round for tea again! If you want a subtle cast cover so as not to draw attention while still protecting your furnishings, Supersleeves offer black or nude covers to keep the focus on you, not your injury.

6. Let Your Personality Shine
Suffering from a broken bone can be truly miserable, but a bright, cheery, cool cast cover is perfect for putting the spring back in your step and making you smile rather than frown every time you glance at your cast. We have so many fun designs that are guaranteed to make you smile. Opt for a delicious Cupcake design or Emoji print that will keep your personality shining through.

7. Protect Your Skin
The rough edges of the cast can scratch and chafe on the skin and make it sore, not needed when you’re already in enough pain as it is! We use only the finest materials to protect your skin from further damage while giving you a glamorous print to enjoy. Our black leather look is truly the height of style while keeping your arm protected.

8. Always Coordinate
With Supersleeves we have so many cast protector styles you are certain to find one that matches any outfit. With shipping within one day of order, you can make sure that you are always ready to be stylish and fashionable with every clothing choice, such as the cute pink cover.

Try One Now
Supersleeves cast covers allow you to be fashionable while being completely functional, fabulous and fun. They do not stretch or sag and can be worn for the whole length of your cast, or alternatively, you can chop and change depending on your outfit. With the vast range of cast covers, you can look good and feel better all at same time.

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