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Decorative arm cast covers

Have you broken your arm and have a plain cast cover that you now have for six weeks?

Its more than likely going to get very dirty over this time and look grubby and become unclean and unhygienic.

Well, dont dispair we have the perfect solution!   We have the most amazing decorative arm cast covers you can imagine!

We have a massive range of designs that will suit young children through to adult designs – both men and womens.

From fun skull and bones to spots, flowers, leopard print, comic and much, much more.  We have spent a lot of time researching what people would like to use to cover their cast with our designer covers.  We highly recommend that you get at least a couple of options – so you have a solution for different occasions during the time you will be wearing your cast cover.  Many people come back and buy a second one.  Check out our range and if you have any recommendations – please let us know.  We are delighted to get any feedback.

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