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Our Supersleeves cast covers are the perfect solution for those who may be self conscious about wearing a cast or brace or who simply want to look more stylish. We have developed these covered which will protect your cast and are extremely fashionable to wear. Available in various sizes and in an array of designs and colours from the funky to the elegantly plain, they are a very affordable way to hide your cast. You could buy more than one to suit different outfits and occasions. Wearing one of our cast covers is the perfect way to make your recovery from a broken limb more bearable, reducing any feelings of self consciousness and so helping you to heal better. The arm cast coves have an extended stretchable thumb hole for a more aesthetic finish. Kids and adults alike will appreciate the protection a cast cover provides too.

Our cast covers are made from super premium quality elasticated lycra material, which makes them easy to pull on and wear. They are latex free, soft, durable, breathable and washable and the high resolution print will not fade in the wash so the cover will continue to look good. And because ur covers are made using premium material and manufacturing methods and with threaded stitching, the cover can stretch and flex in order to keep its original shape. This also mans it wont sag and so wont fall off or wrinkle.