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Jazz up your cast with our cool designer cast covers

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to break your arm, or end up with an injury that means that have to wear one of the NHS issued casts?

These casts may come in different colours, but they are still not the most attractive thing, and can lead you to feel a little down, especially since you will be stuck with it for a matter of weeks.

Here at Supersleeves, we are the heroes that are here to help those faced with wearing a cast. We design and create funky and fun cast covers, which give an extra touch of fashion, just when you need it.

Our range

One thing that you can be sure of with Supersleeves is that there is sure to be a design that suits you. We are always adding to our different patterns and colours, meaning that you will have plenty to choose from.

A popular choice has to be our superhero theme, ideal for both boys and girls (not to mention men and women) who want something that little bit super to wear!

We also offer stars, circles and even a cheetah print sleeve.

Looking for a cast cover that you can wear every day? Perhaps to work or with a variety of outfits? We have nude, black and coloured cast covers, which will work with a number of different colours, and still keep your cast covered over.

Our butterfly, cupcakes and emoji covers are ideal for kids, and their bright colours and patterns are perfect for them to wear to school or when they are out and about playing with their friends. Making them feel better about their cast, as well as making sure they keep clean too.

Our quality

Whilst style is always important, here at Supersleeves we want to make sure that the quality is just as high. We make our sleeves completely washable, and they are designed to keep their shape despite being washed. They are made from a stretchy, premium grade fabric that is fully breathable and can be placed over your cast with ease.

Our sleeves also come with an extendable stretchable thumb hole, which covers the cast completely! They also work well with a waterproof cast protector, which is used when you want to swim, bath or have a shower.

Do you have a kid that is struggling with their boring cast? Perhaps you are planning a big night out and want to make sure that your cast doesn’t take away from your outfit? Or maybe you just don’t want to be faced with a dull, dirty and downright boring cast whilst you heal?

No matter the reason, why not check out the amazing range of covers that we have here at Supersleeves and see if you can discover the ultimate accessory to your injury!

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