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Have you got a friend who has just broken their arm?   Its a big shock to the system for them and completely debilitating.  Suddenly everything you take for granted like getting dressed in the morning, cooking food, driving and going to the toilet even are all things that potentially can be be problematical.  The broken bone becomes part of your whole life for the next six weeks.

As a friend its hard to know what to do to help.

But you can cheer them up massively with one of our broken arm cast covers!  They are fantastic for a gift.  We get the most amazing feedback from customers – they are often so cheered up by the cast cover.   They will help keep the cast clean over the next six or so weeks as casts very easily get dirty.  But also they add some colour and a design to a plain cast or splint.

You could buy a design or two or we also have a gift voucher available too – which will be emailed to you the day you buy it.  Our orders are also shipped out within a day as well.


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