Vibrant ‘Supersleeves’ Provides Exciting Alternative To Dull NHS Casts

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Vibrant ‘Supersleeves’ Provides Exciting Alternative To Dull NHS Casts

Premium cast covers offer stylish, colourful protection for plaster casts.

Manchester, UK, Monday 21st August 2017 – UK based entrepreneur Michelle Hayman has introduced an innovative solution to the miserable necessity of wearing grey plaster-casts on broken bones, by bringing ‘Supersleeves’ to the recovery market.

Supersleeves are functional, fashionable and stylish lycra covers designed specifically to put an exciting spin on to the dull plain colour of NHS plaster-casts. Designed to prevent snagging on clothing and material, whilst keeping casts clean and fresh throughout, Supersleeves are versatile premium covers suitable for adults and children alike.

Made from high-quality soft elasticated lycra, Supersleeves are available in a wide range of appealing designs, suitable for a range of ages and interests, with colours, patterns and designs to suit all tastes. Michelle Hayman, founder of Supersleeves commented:

“Our designs offer something for both adults and children. With everyday lives being so busy, broken bones can’t always be an excuse to put the brakes on. Supersleeves are a great way for adults to accessorise, matching everything from sun-wear to business suits with coordinating sleeves.”

“Parents everywhere will know the upset and frustration of kids wearing plaster-casts. It’s often uncomfortable, depressing and stops them from running around like they’d normally do. So Supersleeves are the perfect way to put a smile back on their faces. Whether bright colour, snazzy patterns or cartoon style designs, Supersleeves are guaranteed to cheer up wearers.”

Supersleeves have been developed using premium elasticated Lycra to ensure they’re durable, breathable and easy to put on and take off. They’ve been specifically designed to provide practical protection which transforms drab coloured NHS casts into something stylish and eye-catching, offering a burst of cheerfulness to those feeling down about wearing casts.

One of the principal benefits of Supersleeves is the ability to ensure casts remain hygienically clean throughout the months a cast needs to stay on. Being affordable and machine washable, sleeves can be cycled to suit wearers needs, keeping casts from becoming stained and grubby, whilst looking great.

Being easy to fit, durable and machine washable, the wide range of Supersleeves designs are now available online. For more information, please visit the official website at

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