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Cast cover – pink glitter


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add some sparkle to your broken arm cast cover with this black sequin cast protector. It features hollographic sequins that sparkle in the light which will add some glamour to your broken arm. Stylish and fashionable, will keep your cast cover clean and hygienic


Stylish and glitzy cover for your cast!! Add a some glamour to your cast with this pink sheen fabric featuring holographic sequins which will sparkle in the light.

This designer cover will keep your cast clean and hygienic and protect it from snagging on clothing and other items.

Latex free and breathable.

It can be washed and dried easily

The fabric is made from super premium, Lycra based fabric which is soft and stretchy to fit round your cast.  The stitching allows for stretching and the fabric is cut so that the sleeve will not distort after wearing – made like a designer brand!

Made in the UK

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