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Arm cast cover – robots


Fun scientific brains cast cover. This cast cover is stretchy and washable, a fashionable cast cover to cover and keep your cast clean. Also protects your cast from scuffing clothing and fabrics. Made from a super premium elasticated Lycra mix, this cast cover is stretchy, breathable and easily washable. It will maintain its shape in the wash and the colour is fade resistant and wont leach onto your cast. All our cast covers are made in the UK.


Colourful robots design.  Turn your boring cast cover into a fun cast cover and be the envy of your friends!

Cool design to keep your cast looking good whilst you can play with no concern of getting your cast dirty.  Stylish and fashionable, this cast cover will protect your cast from scuffing on furniture and your clothing.  But also keep your cast from getting grubby and dirty over the next six or so weeks that you will be wearing it.

Its a super premium cast cover made from the best fabric which is Lycra based and will stretch over your arm cast to pull off and on when required.  It its breathable so wont make your cast extra hot.  Its also washable very easily.

Our cast covers are made in the UK and made to last.  They wont lose their shape and will help you feel better whilst you recover.

Keep smiling!


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