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We have been manufacturing Supersleeves cast covers in the UK for just over a year now.
They are a functional and fashionable, innovative product that keep cast covers clean and hygienic over the six or so weeks that people need to wear them. They also stop the casts from snagging on furniture and clothing.
We have a range to suit children and adults and sizes to fit all.
Feedback from consumers has been wonderful so far. When someone breaks their arm, it’s extremely disabling and to have something to help out and make your cast looks good, cool and fashionable is great. Feel better and heal better!
Our products are super premium in both the materials we use, the style of stitching, cut and print. They can be washed easily and the print wont fade or rub off on clothing. The material is also breathable and latex free.
They can also be used in conjunction with a waterproof cast protector for bathing, showing and swimming
We welcome any media enquiries and would you have to answer any questions you have on our products. We have a great stock of hi resolution images you can use from product cut out shots to lovely lifestyle shots for all of our products.
We can be contacted on or the phone number in the footer
See also, further information on our products here